About us

Arabia Holdings commenced the operation of Al Hamra Bus LLC Transporation  in partnership with the Ras Al Khaimah Transport Investment   was established in the year 2011  with a Taxi Operation Franchise rights awarded  and operating  20 Luxurious buses from  Ras Al Khaimah and taking care of the Inter Emirate and Intra Emirate Bus Transportation Needs of the public.

It  is a Franchisee of  Ras Al Khaimah Transort Authority (RAKTA), a principal to regulate  and control the transport activities of the emirate. Al Hamra Taxi  Works hand in hand with the Transport Authority to accomplish their vision of providing safe and quality transportation service to local inhabitants and the visiting public at all times.

Alhamra Bus LLC  is always aiming to achieve very high standards of safety and Customer satisfaction with a commitment to upgrade the level of the transport industry to cope with the advancement of the Emirate and the country in terms of the services and facilities offered to the public.